_Joe's Valley and Arches National Park

A week ago my friends and I embarked on a week-long climbing trip to Joe's Valley, tucked away in the middle of Utah about 150 miles from Moab. I last came here in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the climbs and aesthetics of the rocks. Beautiful sandstone, cool and gorgeous stream running right through the area (a haven during the hotter months), and clusters of boulders merely a walk away in almost every direction. I had to go back again.

 Waiting for our plane like a couple of old men.

Waiting for our plane like a couple of old men.

Here are some photos from the trip. Unfortunately, there isn't much to offer in terms of climbing photos. One of the main focuses of the trip was to capture shots for a video, so most of my time was dedicated to keeping the camera in movie mode. I promise it will be worth the lack of stills.



I did manage to capture quite a few shots during our rest day to Arches National Park. Gorgeous place. Like stepping right into a postcard.

If you've never been to Joe's and are whoa-ed by the colors and aesthetics of the climbs in the photos, as well as the landscapes of neighboring areas in Utah... believe me, my photos do not do it justice.


Stay tuned for an upcoming video!

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