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Been a while since I wrote you all a post, so I apologize. Real life doesn't stop for bloggers :). A review this time, and honestly could be the one piece of gear you'd be glad you picked up if you're into videography with your DSLR. 

One thing that many video-takers notice, from amateur to semi-pro, is that DSLRs aren't physically made with the video cameraman in mind. After all it's a photography camera first with video mode as a "bonus" feature. In order to set up your DSLR to take steady videos without a solid stand like a tripod, a good fluid head, etc., you'll have to invest in cages and rigs that could run you at least into the hundreds of dollars. 

Another hurdle to overcome is the awful glare that the screens on DSLRs are subject to. Even DSLRs with articulating screens, while much more flexible for the user to avoid said glare, are not immune to this.   

The solution would be something that prevents glare from hitting your lens, such as a hood, and during my search I found this gem: 


Not only does this simple yet sturdy add-on provide the must-needed hood for my DSLR's LCD screen, it also allows has/provides:

  • A padded viewfinder to place against your eye socket, creating a sturdy 2nd axis, and increase the steadiness of your shots.
  • Up to 3x magnification when viewed through the viewfinder, which is much better than it sounds. Having the 3x option allows the entire view of your LCD when you're using the viewfinder, allowing you to see details in your shots you couldn't before.

When you don't want to use the viewfinder, simply flip it up to just use the hood. I honestly use this "mode" of the system the most, and it really works well in blocking out the sun's glare.

The entire system can be removed by pressing the little red switch at the bottom of the viewfinder, and the system can be put to the side or away for easy storage. The mountain frame stays on the camera, which also acts as a protective screen (bonus!).

The only downsides to this system:

  • The initial mounting of the frame, which is simply an adhesive. Getting it to line up correct can be a pain. The good news is the adhesive won't ruin the shell of your camera.
  • I've had an issue where if the viewfinder is left on the the camera for too long, the weight of the viewfinder slowly but surely dislodges the mountain frame. A loud crash of my viewfinder one afternoon showed me the downsides of using an adhesive for the mounting frame that isn't strong enough to also scar your camera shell. It could just be bad luck however... maybe I didn't wipe down the camera well enough for the adhesive to properly stick.
  • The downside to all DSLR LCD hoods is that it decreases the angle of view - you'd have to really be behind your camera to look into your LCD, which isn't a big deal really. Most of the time you wouldn't (or couldn't) look at your LCD screen from any extreme angles anyways.

You can pick one of these on Amazon for $60.

A handful more shots of the GGS Perfect HD DSLR Viewfinder. I apologize for the sub-par image quality. I had the only one other photo-taking device on hand to take these shots since my good one was obviously being used as the subject of these shot: my iPhone: 



Good video review of the GGS Perfect HD DSLR Viewfinder:

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